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The Oddball Gallery

Discover the colourful and eclectic work of one of the current emerging Canadian abstract artists Emma Maddock.


Bright and bold colours, squiggly lines and funky patterns. Every Oddball painting is an answer to a question, captured on a canvas.

Digital Art

Digital art allows the endless possibilities of creation to come to fruition. I love juxtaposing images to convey atmosphere and designing creative ways to expose and elevate my own photos.

Drawings + Mixed Media

From introspective art journals where I navigate my relationship with myself, the world and my own feelings, to mixed-media collages adorned with paint.


Embroidery is a beautiful physical medium wherein you can craft beautiful colours together with your hands.


A good photograph should incite a reaction. I like exploring negative spaces, forcing composition out of natural elements, and capturing the essence of people in their zone.

Block Printing

Block printing is a rigorous and demanding medium. Every block print is meticulously crafted and is bold and striking.

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