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Creative Services

Custom painting and other colourful art to make your favourite space pop.

Oddball commissioned artwork
Custom painting abstract artwork by Oddball Art & Design

Whether it be a custom painting, digital work, high quality illustrations, or other custom art, I'm always down for commissions! Let me adorn your space with colourful and modern abstract art to your needs and taste! An Oddball piece in a room gives a certain je-ne-sais-quoi, and irresistible at my comprehensive painting commission prices!

Custom painting abstract artwork by Oddball Art & Design

Services Offered

I can provide the following kinds of commissions:

  • Painting;

  • Digital or hand drawing or illustration;

  • Anything else if you have an idea!


Commission cost is determined upfront and is calculated by square inch as follows:

  • $0.75/sq. in. for paintings

For example, a 16"x20" commissioned painting would cost $240 CAD, calculated using the formula 16x20x0.75 = 240.


Approximate time to complete a piece depends on the medium, size, and complexity:

  • 1-2 weeks for drawings and illustrations;

  • 2-6 weeks for a small painting;

  • 1-2 months for a medium/large painting.

If time is of the absolute essence, I can work with a tight timeframe. You can read about how I started and finished a commission in just over a week here.


Payment structure is as follows:

  • an initial deposit of 20% of the final cost;

  • full payment (minus the deposit) due before or as the artwork is received.

For example, a 16"x20" commissioned painting would have an initial deposit of $48 CAD, with $192 CAD due when the painting is finished.

The following forms of payment are accepted:

  • Cash or e-transfer;

  • Debit and credit.

I do not under any circumstances accept cheques.

Have more questions?

“Highly recommend Emma to anyone considering unique, conversation-inspiring art for their home! My partner and I commissioned Emma to create a piece for our new home and were very impressed with the professionalism and quality of the work.”

- Mathew Gendron, Commissioned Glue #2 (Pictured)

Commission Request Form

How would you prefer to communicate?
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Thanks for your interest! I'll get back to you in 1-5 business days. Looking forward to working together!

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